Services (Criminal Cases)
Mr Heindel provides aggressive defense from the time you are accused
of criminal activity until the date your case is concluded, and through the
appellate process, if necessary.

The services start  from the date you are contacted by a law
enforcement officer.  Mr. Heindel will offer you advice as to what to say,
and not say, to the police. You will have his representation at all Court
proceedings and,  most times, he  will do all the talking for you.  All
communication with the prosecuting attorney will be handled by Mr.
Heindel personally.  

Once your case is in the Court system, Mr. Heindel will handle the
preliminary hearing, arraignment, pre-trial conferences,  and trial.  

After you are charged, there will generally begin a process known as
discovery, where Mr. Heindel will be filing motions with the Court
seeking the evidence which the prosecution has against you,  including
exculpatory evidence.  Mr Heindel may also seek to have certain
evidence suppressed, so that the Prosecuting Attorney cannot use it
against you.  

Generally, there will be discussions concerning potential plea
bargains.  Mr. Heindel will  advise you off all offers of plea agreements,
and offer his opinion as to whether they should be accepted or rejected.
If a plea agreement is not forthcoming, then the case will be tried to
either a Judge or a jury.  

In the event the case results in a conviction, Mr. Heindel will handle any
appeals you may wish to pursue.  During the appeal process, he will
ask the trial court and/or the Court of Appeals to stay execution of your
sentence, pending the outcome of the appeal.  

Domestic Cases

Mr. Heindel handles all of your family law and domestic needs.  These
include such matters as the dissolution of your marriage, divorce, legal
separation, and annulment.  He will interview you, draft all the
necessary documents, file them with the Court and attend all Court
appearances.  All issues of division of property, allocation of parental
rights and responsibilities (i.e custody, visitation and support), and
spousal support will be addressed in your case.

Mr. Heindel also deals with post-decree domestic matters which
include modification of child support, custody and visitation.  If your
spouse does not comply with a previous Court order, Mr. Heindel will
pursue post-decree contempt motions on your behalf.
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